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The Gary Civic Symphony Orchestra


The music is what matters most...

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Our GCSO is presently developing a number of "CD Greatest Hits", which will soon be available.

Here's an example of our format in our symphony's "Greatest Hits" discography.
(1) "Greatest Hits" from our annual GCSO Christmas Dinner Concert
(2) "Greatest Hits" from our annual GCSO Children's Concerts
(3) "Greatest Hits" from our GCSO Jazz Orchestra

Christmas Dinner Concert's "Greatest Hits"
GCSO Productions, 1994-1998

Track List:
Various Christmas Season songs

Your annual Christmas dinner concerts "open" our Christmas Season!

Favorite CD
So many, give us a chance to think about it.

In this area, we will talk about the favorite CD by this orchestra. We'll try to explain why we think it's their best work and why it's important to our community of fans and supporters.

Favorite Song
Where can we begin ..?

In this area, we'll talk about our favorite song by this orchestra, including what we think the song means and why it's so important to us.