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The Gary Civic Symphony Orchestra

Our Adult String Clinic

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Pictured is GHCS String Clinic Instructor KAROB JACKSON.


One of the missions of the Gary Civic Symphony Orchestra is to provide clinics for adults in Gary and in other Lake County (IN) communities who wish to one day perform with the Symphony, but need brush-up techniques on their instruments. Our "Adult String Clinics" provide this opportunity. We will never forget one of our first string clinics - many years ago. She had not played her violin in years, but heard about the opportunity to develop her musical skills once again. So, she came with her violin in a paper grocery bag. One of the veteran violinists later gave her a violin case. She went on to make amazing progress, and became an accomplished musician, as do many of the others.
Our clinics are directed by professional GCSO musicians who do not mind volunteering their services.These clinics demonstrate the seriousness of the GCSO "community" mission.
It is our sincere belief - and that of our Sponsor, The Gary Historical & Cultural Society - that organizations within a community should help to enrich the lives of those within the communities they call "home".

Call (219) 882-6873 for further information.

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