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The Gary Civic Symphony Orchestra

Teaching The "Little Ones"

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Teaching The "Little Ones"
Pictured are Members of The Gary Civic Symphony Orchestra as they teach the "little ones" in our following programs: (1) The Free Saturday School for the Arts, and (2) The Summer Enrichment for Learning Program, both sponsored by The Gary Historical & Cultural Society, the local school corporation and foundations. At the top, GCSO Concert Master David Howard is shown with his little violin and viola students. Next is GCSO violist and veteran music teacher John Simons, who is pictured with his little ones.
Also pictured to the right are GCSO musicians Beverly Kimani (violinist), Aaron Zemelko (bassist) and Karob Jackson (violist) teaching the children and youth in the "Free Saturday School for the Arts".  Children, ages 7 to 14, get free music classes in the following: violin, viola, cello, bass, guitar, piano, drums, trumpet, trombone, french horn, clarinet and flute and music appreciation. Our classes help to fill the void created when so many school music programs for children were eliminated. And, parents are grateful for this enrichment that allows their children to audition later on for the local performing arts school.
Sponsors are ALWAYS needed to buy instruments and supplies, and to help pay teachers - many of whom are volunteering their services.



Starting them off at tender ages will bring future rewards.




Gary Civic Symphony musicians volunteer time and expertise toward building our future.

Teaching The "Little Ones"

Below, are GCSO Musicians teaching "the little ones" in the drum and wind instrumental classes in our community-based free arts programs - "The Summer Enrichment for Learning" Program and "The Free Saturday School for the Arts".  GCSO Assistant Conductor Ron Pickett is shown teaching his wind students .. (and) .. GCSO Percussionist and Assistant Manager Vanessa Nichols is shown with her student drummers ..



Please support our efforts to build a future. We are a 501 c(3) community organization. Contact the GCSO at