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The Gary Civic Symphony Orchestra

Latest GCSO Newsletter

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The Paris, France tour was fantastic. GCSO members Naomi, Ike, Bob and Ed, along with other members of "8 Bold Souls" were very well received by the Paris audiences. A surprise in store when we arrived for the sound check were the fabled "Paris Paparazzi" who were waiting - with cameras and flashes - at the venue when we pulled in. "Symphony Kid" Christine was amazed at the flurry of cameras and photographers literally falling over each other to take pictures of the musicians.

In this column, we'll include any breaking news, such as information on upcoming releases or tours.
GCSO performed several "Gary Centennial" programs throughout Gary, Indiana's Centennial Year 2006. Stay tuned, we'll have more later.

Joining us as GCSO Supporters is The Greater Gary American Jazz Association (GGAJA) - Gary's own local organization of musicians and jazz afficiando's. THANK YOU for your SUPPORT!

The composition - "Happy Birthday: A Fantasia" - was commissioned by GCSO to celebrate Gary, Indiana's Centennial (1906-2006).  Who is the composer? (Hint: The answer is on one of these website pages.)

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